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In the UK, Aldi is the Robin Hood of supermarkets. They borrow from the brands and give savings back to the people, and their low-cost lookalike products are loved by their millions of customers, but they’re not loved by the wealthy brands they borrow from. They often take Aldi to court, sue them, or send cease and desist letters. Regardless, Aldi always fight for what is right for customers. They’ve done brilliantly at saving customers money on the food they eat, but what about the clothes they wear? Sportswear is a brand-dominated sector where the big brands control the high prices, so that felt like a good place to start. Only problem is, people don’t want to wear clothes from a budget supermarket.
The brief: Make Aldi’s low-cost sportswear just as desirable and hyped as the big brands, and make it sell out.
How did we do it? Well, Aldi is a German-founded brand with a three-stripe logo, so we created a fashion line playing off another brand with a similar heritage and three-stripe logo. We relied on the power of fans to give the clothing line a perfect name—“Aldidas,”,while shielding Aldi from the lawyer army.
Truth Well Told: The campaign cemented Aldi’s reputation as the “Robin Hood” of supermarkets, providing consumers with yet another quality, low-cost version of products they love. The collection sold out in hours, got tons of reach and, in an unexpected twist, was tapped to become a sponsor of a football team, just like any respectable sportswear company would.
Aldi UK
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