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Throwback Deals

There’s a familiar consumer habit when it comes to online commerce: shopping cart abandonment. Often, people save things in their carts, waiting to purchase until a good deal comes around. Samsung leveraged this behavior during the week after Black Friday, typically the slowest shopping time of the year. Using one of the most traditional channels — email — in an innovative way, we leaned on cart abandonment behavior and offered shoppers “Throw Back Deals,” the latest product models at the prices from years ago.
Based on what was in the carts of those in the loyalty database, we hyper-segmented and hyper-personalized offers. We sent email messages specific to goods consumers had abandoned and presented them with an unexpected “throwback” offer. For example, the shopper who left a vacuum in their cart back in 2022 got an email asking the following: “Am I in your cart for a year because I suck?”. Upon opening, they found the message “Get a robot vacuum cleaner that sucks even more” along with an offer for the 2023 model at the price of the 2022 deal.
Truth Well Told: By leveraging consumer data and injecting creativity into a space that’s typically devoid of it (email), the Samsung brand saw a 318% jump in sales compared to the previous year, a 5,145% return on investment and $700K in “Throwback” total sales. Ultimately, the campaign turned the slowest sales week into Samsung’s second best of the year.
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