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U.S. Bank


There are over 11 million child translators in the United States. Which means that millions of non-English speaking adults are forced to rely on children to translate everything from healthcare to legal documents to the family’s finances. It’s a big burden for a little kid.
U.S. Bank saw this firsthand in their branches and was inspired to create Asistente Inteligente, the country’s first and only Spanish voice assistant specifically for banking. With Asistente Inteligente, 42 million native speakers could now bank with their own voices, while confidently navigating industry-specific acronyms and jargon in their own language.
We didn’t want to just advertise the product. We wanted to celebrate the children who inspired it. So we created “Translators,” a 20-minute documentary that told their story.
Truth Well Told: By telling one of the biggest American stories that had never been told, “Translators” started a national conversation, gaining over 16.7 billion earned media impressions, a 13-point increase in brand awareness, 965 earned placements and a 10-point lift in brand consideration. And usage of Asistente Inteligente shot up by 220%. “Translators” was also officially selected for 13 film festivals around the world, and won three.
U.S. Bank
U.S. Bank
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