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Fit My Feet

In India, 1.3 million people have clubfoot. Those with the condition are usually found below the poverty line and largely can’t afford the expensive surgical or footwear solutions available. This leads to loss of not just mobility, but also opportunity and dignity.
For India’s well-known footwear brand Buckaroo, we conceived Fit My Feet, a customizable footwear kit for those with clubfoot. Cost-effective, widely distributable and scalable, it makes its way to consumers through a vast network that’s already an everyday part of Indian culture—street cobblers.
Late last year we collaborated with orthopaedic doctors and footwear designers to design the kits, which consist of instructions and materials that street cobblers need to prepare the custom flip-flops. The cobblers were also given vibrant branded murals to let consumers know where they could get Fit My Feet. We kicked off a pilot in Mumbai in February and since then, 228,000 custom flip-flop found their feet with the help of more than 4.5K street cobblers. The current plan is to scale the project across all of India by year’s end.
The kits were affordably priced at just USD 2.40 a pair, but they also became a new revenue stream for cobblers.
Truth Well Told: Fit My Feet is a product innovation and design solution upholds the truth that everyone deserves good footwear. Without a huge budget, it brings positive, ongoing and widespread awareness to Buckaroo as an inclusive brand that supports underserved consumers and small local businesses.
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