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The Gallery of Lies

Animal Politico
Animal Politico
Media: A07 Media/Entertainment, B12 Metaverse, New Realities, Emerging Tech, D06 Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility
Creative Data: A01 Data enhanced creativity, A05 Data visualization, A04 Data storytelling
Digital Craft: C01 Data storytelling, C03 Data visualization, D01 Innovative use of tech
Mobile: A06 Advanced Learning Technologies, A04 Data/Insight, B01 Mobile-led content for User Engagement, D02 Use of Mobile
Direct: Data Driven Direct Strategy, A07 Media/Entertainment
PR: D05 Use of Technology, A07 Media/Entertainment, F08 Market Disruption
Media / Entertainment / News

“Verifichat’ is the the first chatbot that verifies news in real-time through fact-checking on WhatsApp. To promote it, we created the first Museum of Lies in Latin America for Animal Político, an independent Mexican media outlet. The museum is a virtual platform that is fueled by examples of disinformation that have spread online. With the intervention of digital artists who used artificial intelligence tools, we transformed these examples of ‘Fake News’ into dynamic artwork that visually exposed the popular lies that circulate on the Internet. These artworks were also taken to the main streets of Mexico City to invite people to join the growing permanent gallery of fake news to help defeat disinformation by subscribing to the verifichat chatbot.

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