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In Colombia, 40% of people don’t eat the crusts of their bread. That means more than 240 million crusts go wasted every year* in a country where inflation has reached 13%** and the minimum monthly wage is only USD $332.***
That’s why Bimbo created “Tapos,” a new dish that inspires people to enjoy 100% of the bread they buy, by elevating the parts they used to toss—the heels. The dish takes advantage of the crusts’ unique characteristics: They don’t get soggy, they’re perfect for retaining sauce, they don’t break when folded and they’re easy to hold.
We wanted people to try Tapos, learn how to prepare them, and finally make them a trend. To get consumers across all demographics excited, we brought in one of the most famous gastronomic influencers, collaborated with one of the most followed food reviewers and tapped the most awarded chef in Colombia to create a unique recipe. Then, we brought Tapos to street food stalls in the most crowded and residential areas. There, people could try them and learn how to get two extra meals per Bimbo bag when feeding their families.
Truth Well Told: By telling a new story about a historically overlooked treasure in every loaf of Bimbo, the campaign impacted more than 15 million people and saw a 2,300% rise in engagement, the highest in the brand’s history.
*Source: Asoalimentos
**Source: Corficolombiana
***Source: Mintrabajo

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